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Find the right talent in only one interview.

Engineered to scrape web data and eliminate bad candidates. Gritee is a powerful platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning to deliver the one ideal candidate for your open position.

  • Free to try. There’s no cost for Gritee. For now.
  • Easy to use. A toddler could hire the right person.
  • App-based. No need to waste keystrokes on your laptop.
  • Intuitive. Spend your time golfing or whatever.

Hiring the right person for each role is the single most important decision a hiring professional will make

Bring recruiting
in one place online

Staying on-point with your candidates is critical to bringing them on-board ahead of the competition

Make informed
hiring decisions

Sticking your head in the sand won’t fix your hiring issues. Stay on top of hiring best practices to find the right talent for your business.

Analyze so you
can evolve

Looking at the right data points will improve your hiring practices and the final results, which includes your bottom line.

Simplifying the hiring and retention process in one easy step.

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“I was able to find the perfect candidates in less than half the time it has taken me in the past. “

J.T. EMPLOYERComputer Store Owner

“Gritee allows me to keep track of all available candidates in one place which simplifies my life. ”

JOHNATHAN D.Computer Store Owner

“As soon as a position opened, we had 5 candidates full vetted and ready to go.”

SAMANTHA G.Computer Store Owner

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Gritee is the future of hiring. One perfect candidate for each position. Artificial intelligence has removed the guesswork in the hiring process. Instead of interviewing endless unqualified and mismatched applicants, talk to the one person who will excel at their role with Gritee